CRM Module

This module allows you to track your relationships with current and future customers and suppliers. Manage all contact persons and addresses you have gathered. And find all information you need in the CRM module.

Our Customer relationship management modul helps you to organize, automate and synchronize your sales, marketing, customer services and your support:

  • Manage all of the the data of your customers and suppliers.
  • Manage and track your already gathered contacts using a GRC tool.
  • Manage and prospect your sales to hit the numbers you would like to.
  • Email direct out of Hit-Office.
  • Create newsletters or series mailings with the Hit-Office customer relationship tool “CRM module”.
  • Manage all the resources like materials, equipment, etc.
  • Manage your correspondence and the standard texts you would also like to use in other modules.
  • Work with the Hit-Office interfaces and export your data to other software systems.
  • Use the report editor to customize your lists, charts and reports you need.
  • Send documents via email attached as pdf document.
  • Hit-Office is multilingual (French, Dutch, German, English)
  • The module offers other small but useful utilities: a notebook, a phone book, a calculator, records management on so on.

The Hit-Office customer relationship management system codifies the interactions between you and the contacted person to maximize sales to give you as much information on where to focus your marketing and customer services.