Hit-Mobile: Your Hit-Office ERP everywhere and every when you need access

Key functions:

  • Consult your data
  • See the details of all contacts
  • Check your articles and resources
  • Approve your bills
  • Manage your staff
  • Modify your projects
  • Add extras

Hit-Mobile will be directly synchronized to your Hit-Office software in your company

With a few clicks you will see:

  • Your technical documents
  • All addresses (clients – suppliers)
  • Your offers, projects and bills

Other functions:

  • Synchronizing your customer and supplier data
  • See all of your offers and projects from anywhere.
  • View all posts of your project with their associated prices and quantities.
  • Your staff needs details to execute a job? Contact them and send them the details of the position to execute. All the resources and their quantities required will be directly send, too.