Shedule your interventions very fast

With Hit-SAV, your technicians can see their daily schedule plan and the address of the site direct on their smartphone or tablet. After working, they can define the machines and material they used and how much time it took to provide that service. Everything will be synchronized with Hit-Office, so you have a direct record of staff, inventory and interventions. At this way, you can print the invoices directly without waiting for the worksheets of your staff members.


  • Every staff member will receive a to-do list for the next week.


  • A single click opens the intervention data in the plan.
  • See the GPS-path.
  • Enter or change the interventions on site direct in HIT-SAV with a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop.
  • Get an overview of all sites with the possibility to check the already done work and the work that has to be performed.

Real-time synchronization

  • See start and stop of work on site in real time.
  • Scan the material used on site in HIT-SAV.
  • Sign the acceptance report on site
  • Enter or change the data on site direct in HIT-SAV with a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop.


  • The interventions are automatically synchronized.
  • The data are automatically updated.
  • So, you have a detailed analysis of the work on site.
  • Check all invoices.
  • Print statistics and
  • use tools for control.


  • Because the staff members can enter all useful information direct on site, the interventions are ready to bill.
  • Print the invoices of the entire the day, week, month, or when the work is finished.


  • Because of the direct entry, you always can see the real time stock.
  • Control of missing pieces.


  • See the working hours daily.
  • You do not have to wait for the return of the worksheets and you do not have to encode them again with Hit-SAV.