KPI – Key Performance Indicator module for your company

The KPI module (Key Performance Indicators or KPIs) offers a collection of performance quantification for the construction sector.
With help of the tables and visualizations, you can seek the status of your company and the key numbers of your business at any time. The KPI’s can be displayed device-independent on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Visualize your KPIs

The performance indicators are displayed in a web browser. This makes the visualization independently of the operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, …) and the used device (PC, smartphone, tablet…).

The KPI’s are sorted by your modules. For each module you may:

  • choose the way how to display your KPI (table, pie chart type vertical or horizontal bars, changing a value, …) and the order in which they should appear.
  • choose the period that should be displayed.
  • customize various module specific filters like offers, projects, suppliers and so on.

On the home page you can also have a direct view of your most important KPI’s, so you can have a look at all the success factors without searching and calculating.

Your win

To develop your company as best as possible, you need a overview of certain indicators and factors to find the company priorities. Our program Hit-Office provides a summary view of all processes to find the success factors easier. It is no longer necessary to open different programs, to read data from different databases, or print multiple sheets. Everything is combined in one application and in real time.

Thanks to our industry knowledge, we offer success factors and key performance indicators that allow you to optimize tasks quickly, to identify unnecessary expenses and analyze the performance of your sites.


Having experience in the construction field and knowing what you want, we offer a set of widely used KPI’s. Of course you have the possibility to define new KPIs to add the standard and to focus on your company.