Manage your equipment

With the equipment module you may manage your material in the warehouse easily and efficiently from A to Z. For example, you would like to know the location of a machine, do a simple research with keywords. Do you want to evaluate the profitability of your entire equipment inventory or parts of it, you can do this in just a few clicks.

Key features
Construction tools

  • Location management
  • Create a source document when equipment is rented.
  • Interface to scanner systems (barcode scanners)
  • Automatic transfer the machine to the construction sites or into the depot.
  • Connection to the analytically accounting: specify the use of the equipment for a certain building site at a certain date.
  • History of all movements
  • Rental management
  • Dashboard for the management of your equipment portfolio

Application by our customers

  • Administration of the material, equipment and tools in civil engineering
  • System for providing the material to the workers


  • Better overview of the material and the depot
  • Profitability analysis of your depot
  • Transfer the responsibility to the workers in relation to the material.
  • Transfer the responsibility to the supervisor in relation to the material.
  • Decrease the residence time of the material.