The planning module

This module allows you to schedule the working time pro construction site. You also get a global view of all work that has to be to be performed in your company.

Schedule your staff

Team and resources planning

  • Create different teams.
  • Plan your sites depending on the readiness of your personnel and the availability of critical resources.
  • Determine priorities within the individual building sites.

Project planning with a Gantt-chartGantt diagram

  • Create a schedule according to the Gantt method.
  • Calculate and display the positions that are critical and the positions
    with buffer days.
  • Develop a list of resources pro selected period.
  • Coordinate the various professions with different lots.
  • View all cash-in and cash-out, with the payment terms of customers or suppliers.

Schedule your staff

  • Schedule your staff​Daily and weekly management of your staff.
  • Management of the team leaders
  • Billing all hours directly on a construction site or on one lot.
  • Get a view of the weekly planning
  • Mobility management