Module Taskz – manage your time and see all your tasks

This module helps you to organize your to do list and all the tasks your staff has to think about. Within a few clicks you may enter them in the interface of Taskz, note the involved people, the date, comments etc. And you have the possibility to rearrange them like you desire. Taskz

  • Create a task fast, just leaving a short description.
  • Wright down a longer description to be sure the work is clear.
  • Tag the involved staff members, or use other tag possibilities.
  • Note the due date, the priority or the estimated time in Taskz.
  • Move the tasks in order to illustrate the priorities within a list.
  • Search the task with different filters.
  • See the already used time for this job.
  • See what the employee did in a specific period of time.
  • Easy archiving with Taskz