The VAT rates in Luxembourg have risen from 01 January 2015.

The default rate is 17% and not 15%, the average rate has been raised from 12% to 14%, and the reduced tax rate has increased from 6 to 8%. Only the rate of 3% remains unchanged.

Your ERP-program Hit-Office therefore needs several changes:

Please create first of all the new VAT codes in the menu “accountancy”, and enter them as default values for the journals.

After that, you should adjust the new VAT codes for all future customers and suppliers, ie for all purchase- and sales-invoices and for all sales- and purchase-credit notes (see menu item “Accountancy”: Settings).

Then, all existing customers and suppliers must obtain the new VAT rates. This is done via “group change”. First, check out and filter all the customers and/or suppliers, who are affected by the VAT increase. Mark them in the left part of the window, and open the group change per right-click. Select the fields to be changed and let it run.

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