Several types of training are available

We offer several types of trainings to meet your needs and your available time. You may get an online training at training centers or in your office.

We are approved by organizations like CEFORA and IFAPME. Our experienced trainers will help you to understand the in using of Hit-Office. They are at your disposal to make your work effective and efficient. After a session, you are able to use Hit-Office and work directly without furthermore help. If you still have a question, we are of course available and will manage your query.

Online Training

In the evolution of your project, you can follow some modules via online training. The advantages of this approach are clear: no travel costs, the sessions are shorter and more focused on training. All you need is a broadband internet connection, and a headset. Please download an application specified by the instructor.

Please contact our sales department to organize this training.

Inter-company training

Together with Cefora we organize trainings for our Hit-Office software. These courses are completely free and are intended for the customers who are also member of the Commission Paritaire 218. The number of participants is limited to 12 people. The courses are mainly focused on the modules offers and projects and take place in Liege, Brussels and Bouge.
Training on Hit-Office software are also possible via IFAPME. These trainings are for our customers and anyone who wishes to train or discover the Hit-Office software. The courses are mainly focused on the modules offer and projects and are held in Gembloux.

On-site training

At your request, we organize trainings at your company. The advantages are clear: proximity, physical presence and better communication and understanding of the issues you need to work with. These courses can be arranged via Cefora. In this case, the training organized in business will be free if at least eight employees of your company participate as members of Commission Paritaire 218.


For further information, please contact us using the contact form.