Take advantage of training tailored to your needs!

We are certified by several organisations

Our trainers are constantly helping you to use Hit-Office. We are accredited by organisations such as CEFORA and IFAPME.

Basic or advanced training according to your needs, they are at your disposal to make your work efficient and effective.

After one session, you will be able to use Hit-Office and work directly on your own tasks.

Training in the use of Hit-Office software


Great because of confinement/teleworking so we have available time for more important training. Now that work has resumed, I will have to limit myself in the courses but I will continue to follow it.

Diverse and various themes – recurring – very useful

Very good training. I appreciate the video copy which allows me to dwell on a few complex points

No suggestions to improve the webinars, thanks for everything.

Online training

Customised training

As your project evolves, you have the possibility to follow certain modules via online training.

All you need is a broadband internet connection, a headset and a connection to our dedicated platform.

As explained above, training courses can be requested tailored to your company but we also offer regular training webinars on Hit-Office.

Free webinars

Each webinar focuses on a specific module and therefore a process of your company (creation of quotations, site management, planning, invoicing, …)

To consult the schedule of the next free sessions, go to this link: webinar schedule

To start organising new training courses in your company, please contact our sales department!

Your benefits

  • No travel costs

  • Shorter sessions

  • More focused sessions

  • Reduced price

Inter-company training


In cooperation with Cefora, we organise training courses for the Hit-Office software.

These trainings are completely free of charge and are intended for our clients and any member of the Joint Committee 218. The number of participants is limited to 12 people.

The trainings are mainly focused on the module Offer, Project and Purchasing and take place in Liège, Bouge and Brussels.


In collaboration with Ifapme, we also organise training courses for Hit-Office software. These training courses are free of charge via training vouchers or cost €90 and are intended for our customers and anyone who wishes to learn about or discover the Hit-Office software.

The trainings are mainly focused on the Offer, Project and Purchasing module and take place in Gembloux.

To start organising new training courses in your company, please contact our sales department!

Your benefits

  • Completely free of charge

  • No travel costs

  • Active sessions with exercises

  • Suitable for large groups

  • Possibility of combining several companies

On-site training

At your request, we organise the training on site, within your company.

When introducing the ERP project in your company, we recommend this approach, which can then be gradually replaced by online training.

However, one person is not the other and many companies want a physical presence. The choice is yours.

These courses can be organised via Cefora. In this case, the training courses organised in your company will be free of charge if at least 8 employees of your company (member of the Joint Committee 218) participate.

For more information, please contact us via the contact form.

To start organising new training courses in your company, please contact our sales department!

Your benefits

  • Can be refunded

  • Fully tailored to your needs

  • Duration according to your expectations

  • A digital expert just for you

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