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Phone support

The support consists of helping the customer when he is stuck in the use of the software.

Support is provided by telephone, remote maintenance, email, etc. during office hours from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

When the Hit-Office software is purchased, the customer receives a one-year guarantee contract that includes phone support, remote maintenance, etc., as well as the supply of all new versions and updates of the Hit-Office management software.

Remote support

In order to be able to access your computer temporarily and securely to help you, we use the Teamviewer software. This allows us to access your computer directly and to provide you with optimal support.


The Hit-Office management software is constantly evolving. That is why we provide our customers with updates that can be downloaded directly from their customer area.

Follow-up of requested changes: ticket system

Changes follow-up : Tickets follow-up

In order to improve our service quality in terms of the follow-up of your needs, we have set up the platform:

This platform allows you to create support requests and to follow their progress.

2 ways to create a new ticket:

– Send an email to

– Connect to your Hit-Office customer area and create a new ticket directly (direct link:

Do you want to check the status of a ticket?
Log in to your Hit-Office customer area (via the question mark in Hit-Office) and click on check status of a ticket.

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