Hit-Office for property developers

The project management software for property developers from Hit-Office allows you to track your projects from A to Z, both commercial and technical. Flexible, intuitive and easy to use, you will start quick and boost your business.

Key features:

  • create a budget plan and calculate the costs and compare both
  • create specifications, manual or per import function
  • print invoices
  • manage your consultations with various trades
  • compare different contractors and choose between them

Commercial features

  • save all object data to sell a property (description, features, budget, …)
  • manage your potential customers, their budget and the ideas and wishes they have
  • manage the customer offers
  • manage all reservations and sales
  • create payment plans
  • calculate co-properties

Budget and costs

  • define your budget plan
  • encode the real costs
  • compare and analyze them
  • permanent verification of the cash flow of a property


The Planning module manages the scheduling of the project.

  • create detailed timelines of your projects
  • draw up employee work schedules and track work hours on each project
  • establish the resources required to deliver the projects
  • track project progress
  • assign and track equipment resources


  • billing
  • integrated accounting system
  • use of leading industry standards
  • use the analytically accounting possibility

Management accountancy

The managment accounting module is a multi-axes analytical tool embedded within the accounts module. Costs are automatically allocated to projects, equipment or payroll. Carry out multi-level analysis of each project and determine profits according to a range of criteria.



  • various analyzes are available for example: customer list, sales tracking, progress overview, lists of payments, payment request, detailed profitability analysis.


The Purchase module manages the company supply chain. It lets you send out price requests, carry price comparisons, place orders, verify the delivery notes and cross-check them against the invoices.

  • send out price requests
  • place orders
  • generate a purchase order from a quote or a project resource requirement list
  • cross-check the delivery notes or supplier invoices
  • access purchase history and backorder data

Document management system

  • manage your correspondences
  • manage your contracts
  • use CRM tools
  • create mailings and newsletters


The Staff Module manages all staff related data including assigned equipment and manages recruitment pools. It also tallies work hours, calculates productivity rates by work domains, manages work time, staff payment and allocates the labor costs to the projects.

  • integrated HR files
  • management of assigned equipment
  • management of staff training (ISO, VCA, …)
  • entry of the work hours (daily, periodically or by project)
  • employee activity reports
  • option to link the staff data to external payroll providers
  • direct link to the Project module to allocate the labor costs
  • analyze the work hours by numerous criteria

Custom development

The software can be customized using the Python programming language.

Module Admin

The admin module allows multiple level access control.

Report Editor

The report editor allows you to modify the layout of the reports to your requirements.


Be linked in

  • connect to the program when you are not at office
  • view the status of the sale items (summary, sold, features, …)


  • fluid, user-friendly and easy interfaces thanks to a development in C++
  • SQL-Server data-base
  • works with other office-usual software like Microsoft Word, Excel, …
  • sends emails
  • view and print reports and lists
  • support per telephone or remote
  • multilingual (French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish)