Software for Property developers

Software for Property developers

Hit-Office for Property developers

Hit-Office for Property Developers allows you to monitor your development projects from A to Z, from the commercial, administrative, technical and financial aspects.
Flexible, intuitive and easy to use, you will quickly get the hang of it to manage your business.

Sales monitoring

  • Identification of the sales objects of a project (description, amenities, characteristics, budget, surface area,…)
  • Management of potential customers, their budget and their preferences (characteristics, surface, amenities)
  • Management of customer quotations
  • Management of reservations and sales
  • Customer payment plans
  • Calculation of co-ownership shares

Budget monitoring

  • Definition of cost centres
  • Encoding of actual costs
  • Comparison and analysis
  • Checking the project’s cash flow on an ongoing basis

Property Management

The property management module supports the whole life cycle of a project development, from the initial concept to its eventual sale.


The Accounting module allows you to manage the encoding of accounting entries in the various journals, to have a global or detailed follow-up of your customers and suppliers, to manage the declarations to be made to the competent administrations. It also allows you to automatically send reminders to your customers who are late with their payments, and to send a grouped payment file.

  • Rapid preparation of various financial statements
  • Possibility of interfacing with other accounting software

Internal management

  • Customer quotations
  • Calculation and invoicing of fees (flat rate, percentage, payment plan)
  • Management of advance payments
  • Project profitability analysis
  • Employee clocking in and out on projects


Various analyses are available for you. They are related to the commercial, financial and progress aspects of the project. For example: customer list, sales follow-up, progress by area, payment overview, payment request, detailed profitability analyses.


The purchase module manages the company supply chain. It lets you send out price requests, compare prices, place orders, verify the delivery notes and cross-check them with the invoices.

  • Send out price requests/ RFQs
  • Place orders
  • Generate a purchase order from a quote or a project resource requirement list
  • Cross-check the delivery notes or supplier invoices
  • Access purchase history and backorder data
  • Delivery tracking
  • Invoice verification
  • Possibility to import a supplier catalog

Document management

  • Links with external file systems (Gaeb, Crtib, …)
  • Mailing
  • Emailing
  • Management of correspondence and contracts


The staff module manages all staff related data including assigned equipment and recruitment pools. It also shows work hours, it can calculate productivity rates by work domains, it manages work time, the staff payment and allocates the labor costs to the projects.

  • Integrated HR files
  • Management of your equipment
  • Management of staff training (ISO, VCA, …)
  • Entry of the work hours (daily, periodically or by project)
  • Employee activity reports
  • Option to send the staff data to external payroll providers
  • Direct link to the project module to allocate the labor costs
  • Analyze the work hours by numerous criteria
  • Register your staff members
  • Calculate the payroll
  • Manage the physical presence on a site


Hit-Python is the interface for custom development in the platform.


The admin module allows multiple level access control.

Report editor

Hit-Office gives you a report editor as standard to allow you to customise your printouts

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