Hit-Office for dealers


You work as a trader or wholesaler? You import and export items, buy and resell them? This module is for you. With a few clicks, manage your purchase, see the deliveries and create the invoices. If you want to develop an e-commerce business, this module is also compatible with e-commerce.

Key features

  • manage and monitor all trading deals
  • discount Management per customer (price and special discount)
  • management of payments
  • weight and volume handling
  • import supplier catalogs with recognized formats
  • Easy update of your prices with the import function.
  • A custom development is possible at this level if other sorts of automation is required.
  • compare orders and delivery notes
  • link between a purchase order and customer order
  • availability management of your stock
  • manage the flow of goods and the delivery
  • print invoices (single or series)
  • create an invoice on base of the delivery note
  • link between stock and replacement
  • print a list of all orders and delivery notes
  • View statistics of offers, orders, items….


The trade module coordinates all purchases and sales.

  • send out purchase orders
  • track customer orders and manage deliveries
  • generate invoices automatically


The quotation module creates and imports specification books automatically; it calculates the unit price rates precisely and carries out in-depth analyses. It also generates the subcontractor price requests and provides a multitude of customizable reports.

  • manage your quotes
  • calculate the cost of work carried out in-house
  • manage your subcontractors (price requests, price comparisons, selection)
  • draw up measurements sheets (free arithmetic formulae and length/width/height formulae)
  • customize the unit of resources by work item or quote
  • calculate transport costs
  • use the quotation dashboard to optimize the quote and obtain figures for analysis
  • analyze the quote on different levels (by quote, work item, resource, subcontractor, etc.)


The purchase module manages the company supply chain. It lets you send out price requests, carry price comparisons, place orders, verify the delivery notes and cross-check them against the invoices.

  • Send out price requests
  • Place orders
  • Generate a purchase order from a quote or a project resource requirement list
  • Cross-check the delivery notes or supplier invoices
  • Access purchase history and backorder data


This allows you to generate your invoices by quotes, projects, a predefined payment schedule, usage or service interventions. The invoices are automatically stored in the company accounts.


The Stock module keeps track of all stock by value and quantity. Resources can be assigned to the company stock or to site stocks and can then be transferred from one site to another.


The Service module manages all customer service contracts, call-outs and equipment rentals.


The Accounts module integrates the transactions between all the journals. It tracks the outstanding customer and supplier invoices and generate the data needed for legal compliance. It can generate automatic reminders for late payers and electronic supplier payments.

  • Extract detailed financial reports
  • Option to interface the software with an existing accounts package

Management accountancy

The managment accounting module is a multi-axes analytical tool embedded within the accounts module. Costs are automatically allocated to projects, equipment or payroll. Carry out multi-level analysis of each project and determine profits according to a range of criteria.


The CRM module tracks all supplier, customer and potential customer correspondence.


Hit-Mobile allows you to connect to the system by a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) View financial reports, potential customer lists, site reports, etc. when away from your desk.


The task Management module tracks the activity of an administrative or technical team through a simple and user-friendly interface. You can assign tasks to yourself or to other team members and track task status. This tool also provides productivity data.


This tool allows mail merging from supplier, customer and potential customer lists.

Custom development

The software can be customized using the Python programming language.


The admin module allows multiple level access control.

Report Editor

The Report Editor allows you to modify the layout of the reports to your requirements.



The system is able to send out notifications highlighting business events. For example: a reminder that a tender is about to close; notification that site invoicing is behind schedule; status reports and business dashboards.