Software for dealers

Hit-Office for dealers

Main features:

  • Management and follow-up of trade offers
  • Management of discounts by customer (tariffs and special discounts)
  • Automated management of down payments
  • Weight and volume management
  • Management of supplier catalogues, with automated import from recognised formats, easy updating. Customised development is possible at this level if a higher degree of automation is required.
Software for dealers
  • Preparation of purchase orders and delivery notes
  • Link between a supplier purchase order and a customer purchase order
  • Availability management
  • Management of the delivery flow
  • Invoicing (single or serial)
  • Direct invoicing from delivery notes
  • Direct link to stock with replenishment proposal
  • List of offers and orders from delivery notes
  • Statistics on offers, orders and articles….

Our ERP construction consists of 16 modules for dealers:

The modules below are specifically tailored to construction contractors and dealers.


The trading module coordinates all purchases and sales.

  • Send out purchase orders
  • Track customer orders and manage deliveries
  • Generate invoices automatically


The Quotations module allows you to automatically create or import specifications, calculate all your prices accurately and analyse them in depth, as well as manage your price requests to subcontractors and customise your printouts.

  •  Quote management
  • Calculation of own works
  • Subcontractor management, price request, comparison, selection
  • Management of the quantity survey (formula or LLH)
  • Individualisation of prices for a resource, an item or for the entire estimate
  • Calculation of transport costs
  • Dashboards for price synthesis
  • Analyses (offers, global, resource types)


The purchase module manages the company supply chain. It lets you send out price requests, compare prices, place orders, verify the delivery notes and cross-check them with the invoices.

  • Send out price requests/ RFQs
  • Place orders
  • Generate a purchase order from a quote or a project resource requirement list
  • Cross-check the delivery notes or supplier invoices
  • Access purchase history and backorder data
  • Delivery tracking
  • Invoice verification
  • Possibility to import a supplier catalog


This allows you to generate your invoices by quotes, projects, a predefined payment schedule, or service interventions. The invoices are automatically stored in the company accounts.


The stock module keeps track of all items by value and quantity. Resources can be assigned to the company stock or to site stocks and can then be transferred from one site to another.


The service module manages all customer service contracts, call-outs and equipment rentals.


The Accounting module allows you to manage the encoding of accounting entries in the various journals, to have a global or detailed follow-up of your customers and suppliers, to manage the declarations to be made to the competent administrations. It also allows you to automatically send reminders to your customers who are late with their payments, and to send a grouped payment file.

  • Rapid preparation of various financial statements
  • Possibility of interfacing with other accounting software

Management accountancy

The management accountancy module is a multi-axes analytical tool embedded within the accounts module. Costs are automatically allocated to projects, equipment or payroll. Print multi-level analysis of each project and determine profits according to a range of criteria.

– Global or detailed analysis of the profitability of your sites
– Multi-axis management


The CRM module tracks all supplier, customer and potential customer correspondence.


Hit-Mobile allows you to connect to the system by a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). View financial reports, potential customer lists, site reports, etc., when needed on site with a staff member or a customer.


The task management module tracks the activity of an administrative or technical team through a simple and user-friendly interface. You can assign tasks to yourself or to other team members and track task status. This tool also provides productivity data.


This tool allows you to send emails to a database of addresses, to your customers or suppliers.


Hit-Python is the interface for custom development in the platform.


The admin module allows multiple level access control.

Report editor

Hit-Office gives you a report editor as standard to allow you to customise your printouts


This tool allows you to generate all types of reminders within the platform: for example, a reminder for a submission due date, a reminder for an invoice, sending a dashboard. The parameterization of queries is the subject of a separate post.

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