Your mobile ERP

Your Hit-Office ERP everywhere, wherever you are

Hit-Mobile is a mobile management application. Take advantage of all Hit-Office ERP information on your smartphone and tablet, wherever you are!

The information between the Hit-Office software and the mobile application is automatically synchronised to avoid double or even triple encoding.

Hit-Mobile is directly synchronised with your Hit-Office software in the company

ERP Hit-Mobile Application
Quotation module in the Hit-Mobile ERP application

In a few clicks, consult :

  • Your quotations and projects
  • Your address book (prospects, contacts)
  • Your directory of clients and suppliers
  • Your resources and typesetting sheet
  • Your equipment sheet
  • The schedule in day, week or month view
Project details in the Hit-Mobile ERP application

But you can also :

  • Approve invoices
  • Allow staff to clock in and out
  • Modify projects
  • Add supplements
Arrow to hit-mobile website
View of the schedule in daily mode in Hit-Mobile

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