Hit-Office for architects is the leading software for managing your architecture office

Hit-Office for architectsThe Hit-Office architect module helps you managing all the projects, your employees and the invoicing. From drafting a project to the finalization, Hit-Office for architects will simplify your daily work. Get the tools you need to overview your projects, both technical and commercial.


  • Creating specifications by using libraries, file import, create them manual or with other possibilities.
  • Set the budget of a construction site.
  • Calculate different resources with different formats.
  • Automatic generation of general specifications

Internal management

  • quotations
  • calculation and billing fees (fixed, percentage or with a payment plan)
  • interim management
  • analysis of project profitability
  • link staff members to a project


The quotation module creates and imports specification books automatically; it calculates the unit price rates precisely and carries out in-depth analyses. It also generates the subcontractor price requests and provides a multitude of customizable reports.

  • Manage a tender or parts of it.
  • Simulate the price and compare it with your budget.
  • Manage contracts with other companies.
  • Include the budget in the general budget.


The planning module manages the scheduling of the project.

  • Create detailed timelines of your projects
  • Draw up employee work schedules and track work hours on each project
  • Establish the resources required to deliver the projects
  • Track project progress
  • Assign and track equipment resources


The ISO module manages the ISO procedures in line with the ISO 9001 Standard and draws up the health and safety documentation.

  • ISO procedures
  • Site security plan


The Accounting module allows to manage your bills in various journals. Also, you will have a global or detailed monitoring of all your customers and suppliers. Or send all official documents and declarations to the administrations. It also allows you to automatically send reminders to your customers and to make payment files for your internet banking.

  • -Quick review of financial statements
  • -With interfaces to other accounting software


The Staff Module manages all staff related data including assigned equipment and manages recruitment pools. It also tallies work hours, calculates productivity rates by work domains, manages work time, staff payment and allocates the labor costs to the projects.

  • Integrated HR files
  • Equipment management
  • Management of staff training (ISO, VCA, …)
  • Entry of the work hours (daily, periodically or by project)
  • Employee activity reports
  • Option to link the staff data to external payroll providers
  • Direct link to the Project module to allocate the labor costs
  • Analyze the work hours by numerous criteria


This allows you to generate your invoices per customer, quotes, projects, a predefined payment schedule or service interventions. The invoices are automatically stored in the company accounts.

Document management system

  • Use the interfaces to other file management programs (Gaeb, Crtib, …)
  • Manage your mailings
  • Create e-mailing and newsletter
  • Save all correspondence and contracts for quick finding

Property Management

With the builder module you manage all the activities of a real estate developer. From the first idea until the customer signature you will find every tool you need here.


This tool allows you to send emails to a database of addresses, to your customers or suppliers.


  • See the tracking process
  • See all financial info of a site

Custom development

Hit-Python is the interface for a custom development in your Hit-Office software.


The Administration module allows you to manage all user rights.

Report Editor

Hit-Office provides a number of options in the software:

  • Addresses: create an address book of all your contacts.
  • Correspondence: manage and save all incoming and outgoing correspondence in the software.
  • Create texts to be used later in the software.
  • Library: Create resources, specification texts and standard compositions.
  • Tools: Edit the software, all modules, create new filters, search info, print and create new documents.
  • Report Editor: Hit-Office provides you with a standard report editor to allow you to customize your reports.


This tool allows you to generate reminders of all types within the platform. Do not forget the important things.

Key functions

  • Works with SQL-Server databases.
  • Already inbound interfaces to other common office software like Microsoft Word, Excel, or others.
  • Remote access to Hit-Office possible (VNC, Terminal Server, Citrix…).
  • Print pdf-documents.
  • Multilingual: French, German, Dutch, English, Spanish
  • Just request: our team will develop additional functions that you would like to use.