Invoicing Module

Simplified invoicing from the module you are working in

This module allows you to create your invoices from an offer, a project, a predefined payment plan, to directly invoice materials, to invoice interventions from the Service module, to invoice an offer and delivery notes from the Trading module.

General information

  • Invoice directly from projects, quotations, services, trading
  • Instant retrieval of data from your modules (progress reports, payment plans, down payments, offers, ….)
  • Invoicing of after-sales service interventions
  • Direct sale of equipment
  • Invoice your advance payments and import them into your final invoice
  • Invoicing of advance payments in accordance with the new European VAT regulations in force
  • Possibility of invoicing several customers in a single operation
  • Invoicing on a time basis
  • Multiple management of VAT rates
  • Invoice template
  • Customised report
  • Invoice statistics
  • Control over invoicing

Transfer to accountancy

  • Automatic transfer to general accountancy
  • Direct integration of invoices into cost and project accounting
  • Export of invoices to other software

Global billing analysis

  • Turnover statistics
  • Statistics per site
  • Customer deadlines
  • Customised statistics
  • Statistics by project manager

Interconnected to the following modules:

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