Trading module

Hit-Office Trade, efficient management of material purchases and sales

The Trading module allows the total management of the purchase and sale of items.

– Create your offers
– Create your orders and delivery notes
– Create your invoices from your orders

Customer price request

  • Synchronisation of data
  • Management of price offers to your customers
  • Management of prototype offers
  • Management of prices: different rates depending on the customer, depending on quantities, etc.
  • Management of the status and importance of offers
  • Management of offer due dates
  • Recorded filter to organise offer reminders
  • Link with the reminder module to receive customised notifications (Example: notification to remind a prospect who has not followed up for 3 months)
  • Possibility of individualising discounts according to quantity or amount
  • Maximum discount management: the software does not allow you to go below a certain threshold

Order confirmation

  • Management of purchase orders (supplier price requests, article orders)
  • Sales order management (preparation of order confirmations, delivery deadlines, item tracking, etc.)
  • Management of delivery notes (automatic creation of delivery notes)
  • Detection of suspicious orders

Creation of delivery notes

  • Creation of blank delivery notes
  • Creation of delivery notes according to order
  • Management of quantity discounts or rebates
  • Follow-up of the status of the delivery order via a colour code (ready for packing, ready for delivery, delivery completed, etc.) and dates.
  • Stock deduction
  • Quick creation of an invoice based on the delivery note
  • Follow-up of the status of the invoice


  • Automatic generation of down payments
  • Direct invoicing from the order (management of discounts, down payments, rebates, etc.)
  • Grouped invoicing
  • Link to the accounting system
  • Sales statistics


  • Detailed or quick analyses of offers
  • Sales statistics
  • Order statistics

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