Accountancy Module

Manage all aspects of your company’s general accountancy

The accounting module can help you with your double-entry bookkeeping. From simple input of all salespurchases, etc. in various journals up to the balance sheet of your company, the accountancy module is easy to use.

See all customer and supplier-related information and get a wide overview with balances, transactions, history, statistics and other detailed lists. Create declarations and transfer them to public institutions.

Double-entry bookkeeping to check your projects, your staff and other variables

  • Easy and fast input
  • Centralized management between accounting and the other modules in Hit-Office
  • You may customize the default accountancy-plan
  • Send your declarations to public institutions and pay your bills within Hit-Office using the possibility to create xml-files
  • Get an overview of your cash flow and see the payment habits of your customers.
  • Permanent control of all bookings to avoid errors.


  • Presetting of payable and receivable accounts
  • Complete management of customers and suppliers in one single screen (monitoring, transaction history, reminders, editing scripts, etc.).
  • Automatic generation of paying files for your suppliers according to several criteria (dates, invoice approval, suppliers, maximum …). The file is automatically sent to your bank and the transcription is directly generated
  • Manage your payment reminders automatically or manually.
  • Work in several periods simultaneously
  • See or print specific lists and graphics
  • Direct link between invoicing and general accounting
  • Connected to the management accounting
  • Amortization table integrated
  • Manual and/ or automatic entries
  • Automatically create the tax declaration
  • Control and check the use of tax codes
  • Double check all documents

Invoice verification and approval

  • Invoice approval by managers for payment
  • Verification of invoices with delivery note and purchase order
  • Possibility to define several managers and levels on an invoice
  • Personalised approval of invoices (each manager only sees the documents that concern him/her)
  • PDF viewing of invoices
  • Approval of invoices directly from the site

Stop the paperwork

  • Complete digital accounting
  • Reducing your paper documents
  • Scan your accounting documents for digital archiving.
  • Visualize documents within Hit-Office.

The strength of integration with other modules

  • An invoice issued in the invoicing module automatically creates a sales entry in the chart of accounts
  • When checking invoices, you can easily allocate the costs to the analytical axes that you have predefined

Interfaces with other software

  • Digital and connected payment management to secure payment software
  • Export and import to other accounting programs possible
  • Development of tailor-made reports via Business Intelligence
Interface with Isabel 6 payroll software
Interface with Bob50 accounting software
Interface with WinBooks accounting software
Interface with Multiline payroll software

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