Management accountancy Module

Control all your company’s costs in analytical form

Management accountancy allows you to analyse in detail the income and expenses of your sites from the general accounts.

Multi-Axis Management

  • Manage the costs of your projects from the request to the invoice
  • Configure your own analytic axes, for example for all departments, the different cost centers, the construction sites, your equipment, etc.
  • Manage analytic sub-axes
  • Links between the general accounts and management accounts
  • Define several status options for the journals
  • View the direct reference to the project’s accounts
  • Print automatic monthly distribution of the costs of all construction sites
  • Automatic assessment of your bills in the management accounts
  • Manual assessment of your general costs pro construction site
  • Create management accounts when working in the sites
  • View charts with your analytic interests

Analyze your business

  • View and print detailed financial reports
  • View and print reports based on multiple criteria like periods, accounts, sites, areas, sub-areas or others
  • View and print analytic results, abbreviated or detailed
  • Select, add and view individual or global analytic accounts
  • View the cash flow of your sites
  • Analytic view of the accounts, the building, the sites, etc.
  • Transfer to other interfaces
  • Export reports to the other print formats

Customised analysis reports

Numerous analysis reports can be customised for your company via Business Intelligence. Take advantage of an efficient solution to analyse your figures via analytical axes that you have determined.

Example of a tailor-made analysis report

Custom analysis report on quotations

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