Quotations Module

This module allows you to quickly create quotes and analyse cost prices and expected profit

The quotation module allows you to create or automatically import specification books, to make precise cost calculations for each item and to analyze these in depth as well as managing price requests from subcontractors. These can be printed out on personalized reports.

Quotations :

  • For new quotes create your own components as required
  • Import excel sheets straight into Hit-Office to start your quote
  • Create a quote from existing quotes or prototypes
  • Share quotes with other Hit-Office users
  • Automatically create a quote via offer assistant
  • Include a range of variables in the assistant and your quantities and prices will be calculated automatically
  • Rapid item data entry

Resource library


  • Calculate the measurements using simple or complex formulae saved within Hit-Office.
  • Option to work with LBH (Length/Breadth/Height).
  • Automatically import measurements from external sources or from an existing quote.
  • Insert comments within the measurement sheets.
  • Get assistance from the Formula Wizard for complex calculations.


  • Manually create the necessary resource groups to complete the project
  • Import data from one of our libraries
  • Define productivity and material consumption by unit or item
  • Customize resources, units, prices and margins
  • Display the real time cost and compare them with the quotation prices
  • Distribute overheads on a range of work items
  • Show an overview of all required materials for the site

Subcontractor management

  • Send price requests to subcontractors by email or letter
  • Automatically import subcontractor prices
  • Compare the prices
  • Send and receive technical documents
  • Track margins by subcontractor

Quotation analysis

  • Dashboard (modify margins by resource types)
  • Analyze globally or in detail by material, labor costs, subcontracted work, total hours per site, applied margins
  • Record the follow-up communications for each quote


  • Personalize reports and documents
  • Choose from a range of different layouts for each report
  • Print a range of analyses for a quote


  • Adjust the variables in a quote
  • Request the materials and resource costs from each quote with the purchase module
  • Produce the technical specifications
  • Produce a health and safety plan

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