Planning Module

Plan all stages of your business in the short and long term

We offer 4 different plannings. You can find below the functionalities of each schedule.

Team and resources planning

  • Create different teams
  • Plan your sites on the readiness of your personnel and the availability of critical resources
  • Determine priorities within the individual building sites
  • Medium-term planning, allowing you to visualise the “order book”
Team and critical resources planning

General Planning

  • The general schedule allows you to combine the schedule of interventions, work sites, and other activities (holiday, illness….) in a single online interface.
  • Intuitive, easy to use and fast
  • Colour-coded by status, customised filters, quick search, etc.
  • Scheduling of workers/teams on construction sites, service interventions, and various days (holidays, bad weather, illnesses, …)
  • Daily, weekly or monthly planning
  • View by day, week or month
  • Possible link to the Hit-Mobile application so that workers and technicians can consult their planning in real time
  • Possible link to Hit-Office for travel costs management, costing and time registration
Online general planning: management of teams and planning of work sites, interventions and various days

Link to our site mobile app : Hit-Mobile

  • Each worker/technician can consult its own schedule via the Hit-Mobile application
  • Day/week/month view of the planning
  • They can also encode their working hours from an assignment in their planning
  • Possibility to add and consult documents (screenshots, photos, PDF documents, …) related to a work site or an intervention
View of the schedule in daily mode in Hit-Mobile

Project planning with a Gantt-chart

  • Create a schedule according to the Gantt method
  • Calculate and display the positions that are critical and the positions with buffer days
  • Develop a list of resources pro selected period
  • Coordinate the various professions with different lots
  • View all cash-in and cash-out, with the payment terms of customers or suppliers
Gantt chart in Hit-Office software

Staff planning

  • Daily and weekly management of your staff, machinery and subcontractors
  • Management of the team leaders
  • Billing all hours directly on a construction site or on one lot.
  • Get a view of the weekly planning
  • Mobility management
    Planning du personnel dans Hit-Office

    Link to our report encoding application : Hit-Form

    • The site report can be filled in by the team leader directly on the tablet/phone
    • Encoding working hours for the entire team via a single tab
    • Check-in to a site and its workstations

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