After-Sales service planning module

Facility management, the agenda for your technicians

Schedule your technicians everywhere and every time. Save time and money by knowing which technician is near the customer. Manage your facilities and see all dates anytime, anywhere on every devise.

The facility management tool helps you to plan your urgent missions as well as long time ago planned dates. Get an overview of all interventions, and sort them on several criteria: the type of intervention, duration, address, qualifications of your technicians and so on.
The facility management tool provides also a set of tools to help you complete the agenda of technicians quickly and efficiently.

Example of a service planning

Online general planning: management of teams and planning of work sites, interventions and various days


  • Get an overview of all operations.
  • A planed intervention is automatically assigned to the technician concerned, with the estimated duration of the intervention.
  • Have the possibility to schedule your dates manual or let Hit-Office plan them.
  • Possible filter on the location and address of intervention of your technicians
  • Change the optic of your calendar to visualize the date’s by day, week, month, staff member, work, place etc.
  • In this module created interventions will be automatically transferred in the Planning-module in Hit-Office.


  • Optimization of all interventions
  • Reduce the travel costs
  • Easy to insert an urgent intervention in the agenda of your technicians according to their location
  • With automatic assignments you will save time for the scheduling
  • Access the plan everywhere and every time
  • A real-time synchronization with the Facility Management module in Hit-Office

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