Service Module

This module allows you to manage all after-sales interventions, via contracts or directly.

On the one hand, keep a complete record of service contracts and ensure their follow-up and invoicing. On the other hand, create, plan and manage your service interventions via mobile terminals.

Management of service interventions

  • Manual or automatic creation of an intervention
  • Management of intervention locations
  • Breakdown of interventions into several tasks that can be invoiced in several instalments if the intervention could not be carried out in one go
  • Automated invoicing from the intervention on one or more customers
  • Global invoicing of interventions and rentals
  • Link to an integrated planning tool.
  • Link to mobile terminals
  • Document management (photo link, electronic customer signature, remarks, etc.)

Link to our site mobile app : Hit-Mobile

To find out about the features of the mobile application for service interventions, please click on the button below

Hit-Mobile site application

Service contracts

  • Creation of contracts linked or not to devices
  • Global invoicing for service contracts
  • Management of the various service contracts, definition of a periodicity and automatic generation of service interventions
  • Consultation of the history of interventions via the contract

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