Staff Module

Complete control of staff: from signage to performance monitoring

The Staff module allows you to manage all information relating to staff members, to manage the provision of materials, to manage a recruitment pool and an archive. You can also record the working hours of workers and employees, analyse their productivity by area of activity, manage their working time, payments and assign costs to projects.

Staff signage

  • General information (address, telephone, email, …)
  • Civil status and household information (marital status, disability, date of birth, date of marriage, name of partner, …)
  • Career information (job description, qualification, date of employment and dismissal, reason for dismissal, …)
  • Information on the provision of equipment (jacket size, shoe size, trouser size, …).
  • Control of the provision of equipment (date of delivery of equipment, quantity, price, etc.).
  • Management of training and training reminder dates
  • Staff evaluation via the ISO module
  • Management of correspondence with employees

Full control and visibility of staff

  • Management of the personnel register, archives and a recruitment pool
  • Team management
  • Direct link to the project module and the service module
  • Management of travel expenses
  • Link to external files
  • Creation of training and evaluation forms
  • Personnel follow-up with reminder date

Time clocking and time recording

  • Daily or periodically encoding of hours
  • Time registration over several dates and sites in a single operation
  • Possibility of allocating them to different projects, positions and areas of activity
  • Analysis of services according to different criteria (activity, site, productivity, etc.)
  • Creation of files for integration into the payroll software, payment of wages by bank link and list of wage payments

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