After-sales service module

Thanks to the After-sales service module of Hit-Mobile, no more waste of time doing invoice and any stock and planning problems

After-sales service module allows your technicians to consult their daily planning, to see the details of the intervention to be carried out, to enter new data following the intervention, to directly check the stock of the truck, all from a tablet. Everything is directly synchronised with Hit-Office and allows you to have a direct check of the personnel, stock or interventions.

Example of an intervention carried out with Hit-Mobile

Example of a service intervention via the Hit-Mobile app

Intervention planning

Each technician receives on his terminal the list of interventions for the day, week or month.

Intervention details

A simple click opens the intervention form:

– Possibility to have the GPS path
– The tasks to be performed
– The maintenance history of the equipment

Intervention input

  • Direct clocking of the actual time spent on site via Start and Stop
  • Scanning in the vehicle of the items used to the stock
  • Encoding of the new values of the device on which the technician has worked
  • Direct approval by the customer via electronic signature


  • Interventions are reloaded automatically
  • The device record is automatically updated
  • Detailed analysis of workers’ work
  • Checking of invoices
  • Statistics and control tool


  • Interventions are directly prepared for invoicing
  • Automatic invoicing of the entire working day
  • Invoicing in real time


  • Automatic stock update
  • Order proposal for missing parts


  • Your technicians’ hours are clocked in and out on a daily basis
  • You no longer have to wait for the return of the work sheets to clock in and out, it is automatically done via the smartphone

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