Project Module

Your entire project management

The Project module gives you the tools to plan a project, to determine its viability and to produce partial or total invoices. Moreover, is allows you to analyze the project in detail thanks to the numerous generated lists and the dashboard. It also allows you to enter consumed resources for the accounts and to extract activity and material consumption reports. You can manage subcontractor price requests, set up running accounts or invoice directly in this module.

Create a project and import a quotation

  • Manually enter a project from scratch.
  • Import all or part of the items from an existing quote.
  • Create an order.
  • Add additional work to a project.

Manage the site

  • Adjust the quantities and resources in a quote during the execution of the project
  • Adjust the specification book
  • Add items
  • Detail work items which the client should not see- for internal use only
  • Define payment parameters


  • Send out price requests using emails
  • Search subcontractors in the database by a range of criteria
  • Carry out price comparisons
  • Make price requests for all or parts of a project
  • Draw up running accounts for subcontractors
  • Manage subcontractor contracts

Activity tracking

  • Define the weekly activities.
  • Draw up progress and consumption reports.
  • Link the work with the project costs.
  • Allocate staff members to scheduled activities.

Track the project

  • Track used resource like materials, man hours etc
  • Real time assessment of the project costs
  • Full integration with other modules
  • Automatic import of delivery notes


  • Quick entry of period quantities
  • Clear and comprehensive view of the site progress
  • Print compliant reports
  • Automatic or manual creation of price escalation formula (can be used for a subsection or the entire project, if required)
  • Historic records of a site, a period, of quantities and so on
  • Automatically calculate project end


  • Detailed and global analysis of the site
  • Analysis between the planned budget and the reality
  • Rectification of the project to bring it into line with reality

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