Equipment Module

Management of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment

The Equipment module allows you to manage the complete follow-up of your equipment. Evaluate the costs of your equipment, prepare a maintenance planning and dispatch your equipment to work sites.

General information

  • Management of all machinery, equipment and fleets
  • Deposing equipment on projects, maintenance work and so on
  • Maintenance planning for the equipment
  • Determining the profit of vehicles
  • Management of all daily operations: rental, fuel consumption, etc.

See the availability of equipment in real-time

  • Rental of material
  • Reports of the use and costs
  • Lists of disposable machinery

Link to our fleet management system : Hit-Tracking

  • Geolocation of the equipment (position on the map)
  • Communication of information that triggers reminders in Hit-Office (e.g. the meter reading automatically signals that maintenance is due)
Hit-Tracking geolocation system

Link to our site mobile app : Hit-Mobile

  • Enjoy anytime all your equipment information on your mobile device
  • Encode or modify information such as meter reading and last service date
  • Add a follow-up to the equipment
  • Add and consult documents (screenshots, photos, PDF documents, …) related to an equipment
Hit-Mobile site application

Link to our report encoding application : Hit-Form

  • Encode the use of equipment on site for day-to-day profitability
  • Encode your periodic inspection report (compliance, safety, etc.)
Application for creating and encoding reports : Hit-Form

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