Property Management Module

The real estate development software allows the management of a real estate project from A to Z.

Quotation request

  • Preliminary budget estimate
  • Creation of specifications, quantity surveys, cost calculations
  • Consultation of different trades
  • Price comparison and definition of the compression budget
  • Choice of different contractors and reinjection into the overall budget

Sales monitoring

  • Identification of the sales objects of a project (description, amenities, characteristics, budget, surface area, etc.)
  • Management of potential customers, their budget and their preferences (characteristics, surface area, amenities)
  • Management of customer price offers
  • Management of reservations and sales
  • Customer payment plans
  • Calculation of co-ownership shares

Budget monitoring

  • Definition of costs
  • Encoding of actual costs
  • Comparison and analysis
  • Checking the project’s cash flow on an ongoing basis


  • Invoicing
  • Integrated general accounting
  • Integration with the main market standards

Internal management

  • Staff clocking in and out of different projects
  • Definition of different analytical activity areas


  • Various analyses are available to you. They are related to the commercial, financial and progress aspects of the project.

For example: customer list, sales follow-up, progress by area, payment overview, payment request, detailed profitability analyses.

Document management

  • Correspondence management
  • Contract management
  • CRM tool
  • Mailing

Web link

  • Website connected to the Hit-Office database
  • Automatic view of the status of the sales objects (summary, sold, characteristics, …)

General information

  • Fluid, user-friendly and fast interface thanks to C++ development
  • SQL server database
  • Integration with office automation tools (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Management of standard letters
  • Integrated report creation thanks to the report editor
  • Assistance by phone or remote maintenance
  • Multilingual (French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish)
  • Integrated report editor

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