Hit-Office, your ERP to manage your earthmoving company

Present in more than 2000 companies, we count among our satisfied customers several well-known Belgian earthworkers: Nonet, Jerouville, …

This satisfaction comes from the fact that the software is designed to meet the needs of earthmoving companies, namely

1) Qualiroute integration

We provide our solution with the integrated Qualiroute, you have, from the installation, a database adapted to your activity.

2) Progress reports adapted to public procurement

Progress reports, debt declarations, price revisions, weather calculations, all these formalities will be automated

3) Equipment management module

Maintenance, repair, allocation, your equipment will have the follow-up they deserve

4) Follow-up of your orders and delivery notes

The follow-up of deliveries can quickly become a nightmare if you do not have an adapted solution. Hit-Office will help you to make this task easier.