Thanks to various databases you may immediately start your work. They allow to wright a quotations directly after installation without first having to encode your data. The four main libraries are: 

  • The resources library
  • The price configuration library
  • The library of specification texts
  • the library of general specification texts for authors and architects

There are other databases like the productivity archive, the library of safety and health risks, the activities, the productivities and so on. 

Hit-Office also allows you to import resource catalogs that you can order directly from your suplier.

The resources library

  • The resources are the elements that are necessary for a work to be done, such as sand, stones, wages, bulldozers and so on.
  • Hit-Office provides you with a variety of ready to use databases for different construction areas.
  • The user can customize all resources to his own needs.
  • For each resource, the user can define properties like unit, volume and weight, potential suppliers, stock-keeping costs, handling costs, shipping costs, use-by date, minimum and maximum Stock and so on.
  • All prices can be customized in a document, without affecting the prices in the master database.
  • Prices that have become obsolete are highlighted in color.
  • Resources can be modified by group. For example, the purchase price of all items of a supplier can be increase by 3%.
  • The user can define composed resources to create new. For example, mortar is composed from a specific quantity of sand, cement, water and work. The user can then treat the mortar as an independent resource, without having to change all its components individually.
  • 3500 preregistered resources are at your immediate disposal.

The price configuration library

  • Within a rate analysis you define the resources you need to complete a certain task (material, machines, tools, wages, subcontractors and so on).
  •  For improved overview, a rate analysis can be divided into separate resource groups. So, for example, a ceiling slab could be divided into the resources formwork, steel reinforcement, mixing concrete and casting.
  • Hit-Office provides ready to use databases with prices for many purposes.
  • The users can adapt the price configurations to their own needs.
  • The price configurations can be customized individual without price changes in the root directory.
  • Powerful tools that makes the creation of price calculations for the user comfortable and clear.
  • 9000 price preset configurations are available directly.

The specification text library

  •  Hit-Office provides ready to use databases with specification texts for common tasks and for various activities.
  • The specification texts can be written in up to 4 different languages.
  • The specification texts can be customized for each document, without affecting the specification in the master database.
  • Common functions like copy & paste are to use.
  • 9000 preregistered specification texts are at your immediate disposal.

The library of general specification texts

  • Hit-Office already has made specification texts for project authors and architects.
  • After the specifications are ready to use, Hit-Office automatically produces the general specification book, which only needs to be adjusted by the user.