Property Management

This Hit-Office module allows you to manage your property from A to Z.
Real Estate

  • Define objects to sell like apartments, garages, etc.
  • Manage the data of your clients or potential clients
  • Definition and management of sale items
  • Reservation management, sales promises and sales
  • Define and manage the cost centers (land, great work, finishing work, the project author, approaches, fees, etc.)
  • Breakdown your costs following cost criteria of your choice (area, volume, special equipment, etc.)
  • Control the costs in the design phase and at runtime
  • See the cash-in / cash-out and need of financing depending on the progress of sales
  • Definition of an unlimited number of series of units and co-ownership
  • Calculate every cost for a sell
  • Establish payment plans for each object of sale
  • Manage the partial progress  of billings and payments in payment plans
  • Group several sale items for the same client
  • Manage additional orders