Pay your bills with Hit-Office

Stop paying your suppliers manually bill by bill. With the electronic payment module of Hit-Office, the not yet paid invoices are selected in just a few clicks, and automatically forwarded to your payment program.

Pay the invoices with just one click

electronic payments

  • Filter by amount, period, confirmation of an invoice, supplier, etc.
  • Generate an electronic file for your payment program.
  • Register the payments in the accounting with the automatic generation of bookings.
  • Ability to pay your suppliers in tranches.
  • Automatic balance proposal as soon as an invoice is linked to other documents.

Transfer your payments to your payment software

  • Hit-Office is compatible with all major payment programs (Isabel, Multiline, …).
  • Create a report of all transferred invoices.
  • Efficient, simple and intuitive.
  • It is possible to generate multiple electronic payments at once.