Module Service

This module helps you to manage all the after-sales-services that have to be done. Use it, if you have non-paid iterated service processes or lots of little intervention that you have to invoice with or without service contracts. All done interventions can be automatically billed at the end of a period you choose.

  • Create a intervention manual or automatically.After-Sales service and interventions
  • Create contracts specific for a machine.
  • Manage the places for all interventions
  • Separate a interventions in several tasks.
  • These tasks can be billed separately or together, depending on whether they were done all at once or one by one.
  • Create bills for one or more clients direct in the intervention.
  • Manage and bill the service contracts, interventions or rentals.
  • View the history of the contract or intervention.
  • Link with the planning module
  • Link with mobile devices