With the staff module you can manage your human resources

The staff module allows you to manage all information concerning your HR. You can see the availability of your equipment, create recruitment reservations or work with a personal archive. You can also enter the working hours of your staff, analyze their productivity by sector, and forward the wage costs directly to a project.
Staff management

Control and view the productivity of your staff

  • Register your staff members.
  • Create an archive pro worker.
  • Manage the reservation times and plan their work.
  • Includes team management.
  • Link the costs direct to a project.
  • Encode working hours per a period you may choose.
  • Allocate the hours to objects, projects, sites or other choices within few clicks.
  • Control your equipment.
  • Mobility management.
  • Analyze the benefits of every staff member with different criteria like activity, sites, productivity or other choices.
  • Create all external documents, for example for your accountant.
  • Create the payment files you need to import to the banking interface.
  • View different reports and print or save them.
  • Create training and evaluation documents for the staff.