Simplify the invoicing with Hit-Office

This billing module allows you to create your invoices direct out of an offer, a project or a predefined payment plan. Bill the used material, the worked hours or, with the service module, the charged interventions.



Key features

  • Invoicing direct out of projects, offers, maintenance interventions or the trading module
  • See all information, also those out of other modules (advancements statements, payment plan, payments, offers, etc.).
  • Bill the maintenance interventions and the after-sales-services.
  • Direct sale of material and equipment.
  • Manage your advanced payments and connect to the bill.
  • Manage the payments in accordance to the new european standard (in respect of VAT).
  • Create several invoices for several customers in only one operation.
  • Direct billing of the already done work
  • Manage several TVA-Codes.
  • Create a stereotype invoice.
  • View different reports and documents.
  • View statistics.
  • Have a control over your invoicing.

Direct transfer to the accounting

  • The invoices will be automatically transferred to your accounting.
  • Use the possibility to tag your invoices to the analytical accounting and your projects.
  • Export the bills to other software.

 Get a global view of your invoices

  • View of your turnover
  • View statics for each site.
  • Manage due dates.
  • View statistics.